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讨论| Injunctive Relief 禁令救济

小编 有一个问题想请教一下哦 在看NDA(保密协议)的时候有关于penalty 部分有时候会提到这么一句话: The discloser shall be entitled to an injunction or any appropriate decree of specific performance for any actual violation or breach by the recipient or the recipient's consultant, employees. 规定有权寻求injunctive relief 意义是什么呢?如果(信息)接受方侵权,那披露方不是本来就是可以要求索赔寻求司法救助嘛。


Injunctive relief is a type of legal remedy that can be sought in a civil suit. Injunctive relief is an alternative to monetary damages. It can be awarded to a plaintiff in addition to, or instead of, monetary damages.

Injunctive relief refers to an order by the court that the defendant cease a specific behavior. The plaintiff who sues for injunctive relief will request the specific behavior in question be stopped. The court will evaluate the plaintiff's request, and the reasons behind it, and issue an injunction if the plaintiff has a sound legal right to make the defendant stop.


Injunctive relief, or an injunction, is an appropriate remedy if the plaintiff is being harmed by the defendant's actions in a way that money cannot fully compensate for. For example, if a plaintiff owns a rare and valuable painting that the defendant is about to destroy, the plaintiff may seek an injunction and request the court bar the defendant from destroying the painting. Since monetary damages for the replacement value of the painting would not be sufficient to compensate the plaintiff fully for his damages, the judge may order an injunction.


In a custody case, an injunction may be used to prevent a party from removing a child from the country. Injunctive relief is an equitable remedy granted when money damages are not able to compensate the plaintiff's violation of rights if an injuction is not granted. Failure to comply with a notice of an injunction is punishable by being held in contempt of court.


There are two types of injunctions: a preliminary injunction and a temporary restraining order (TRO). The purpose of both is to maintain the status quo -- to insure a plaintiff that the defendant will not either make him or herself judgment-proof, or insolvent in some way, or to stop him or her from acting in a harmful way until further judicial proceedings are available.

这样是否明白了,通俗来讲Injunctive relief是对侵权方停止侵权的禁令,是违约责任所负经济赔偿之外的救济。像上面两个例子所讲的如原告不寻求Injunctive relief,名画就会被损毁(例1,或孩子就会被带离出境(例2),而这是任何违约赔偿所弥补不了的损失,对不?

再比如上面问题中的NDA(保密协议)里的情形也是如此,信息披露方是可以在信息接收方违约后寻求经济赔偿,但是Injunctive relief的基本概念是:及时制止侵权行为的发生,这远比侵权后的经济补偿要重要,否则信息已经泄露了,再补偿也是无济于事了。








Injunctive relief的定义可见:http://definitions.uslegal.com/i/injunctive-relief/

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